Other Information Sources on Policy Governance

There are many resources related to nonprofit boards and their functioning. Many address governance in some manner. But I have found it difficult to find sources of good and practical information on the policy governance model.  Here are some of the policy governance resources I have found to be useful.


Boards that Make a Difference by John Carver.  This is the book that started it all.  It is in its third printing.  I have read it several times and refer to it often.  It is worth reading to understand the concepts behind policy governance.

Good Governance for Nonprofits. This book by Fredric Laughlin and Robert Andringa and published by the American Management Association is readable and practical. It provides a thorough treatment of board governance responsibilities and how to meet them. Much of the structure and approach presented in the book parallels the work of John Carver who is acknowledged at the beginning of the book. There are some real world examples and a link to part of the AMA website that provides some helpful supporting documents and templates.


International Policy Governance Association.  This site has some free information on policy governance. It is an membership organization that has more resources available for people who join.

Carver Governance Website.  This is the website for John and Miriam Carver.  It is a bit antiquated as a website. There is an extensive FAQ section.  You can purchase all their books and pamphlets here.

BoardSource. This is a membership organization that is a widely recognized source of good board governance information. They provide resources and training on a wide variety of board topics.


Article on strategic planning by Eric Craymer from Partners in Policy Governance

Videos from other sources

Nonprofit Board Governance - Passion is not Enough.  This is a TED talk by Chris Grundner from the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement.  He talks about the basic requirement for being an effective board member.  He emphasizes that passion for the mission is not enough.

Presentations on Board Governance

Presentation on policy governance at United Way of Dane County Board Leadership Conference - 2015

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