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I am Robin Gates and this is my website. I created this website to share information about my consulting business and my interests such as philosophy, nonprofit board governance, travel government reform, and history. I post my own writings, documents, and videos.  Links to other resources will be included as well.

The site does not contain much temporary personal content. I have a Facebook page for more personal information and friends and family postings. You will not see pictures of pets and family except as they are relevant to my primary topics. For example I have a section on travel with comments and pictures on certain trips I have taken.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged.  Please feel free to contact me using the contact me option on the header menu. You can follow me on Twitter and on LinkedIn. I also have a YouTube channel.

Welcome Video

Robin on Tanner Trail
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Links to essays, articles and resources

Information including essays, blogs, and articles is organized by subject matter. My primary subjects are: Robin Gates Consulting, Philosophy, Travel, and Non Profit Governance.

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